ABOUT | The Ninth Realm

Welcome to The Ninth Realm, an online multiplayer game from developers Rob & John Donkin, collectively known as Bad Viking.

Take on the role of a Guardian, one of an ancient order of warriors and scholars from the kingdom of Esran. As a Guardian you are tasked with journeying into The Ninth Realm and searching for the lost Rune Stones that will give you the edge in battle. Players fight for control of the arena and use the power of Rune Stones to summon monsters, equip items and cast spells in turn based combat, each trying to outwit and defeat the other.

With an endless number of strategies available to you, each game is a unique, twist filled and often epic encounter until only one Guardian is left standing.


ABOUT | Bad Viking

BAD VIKING WILL CRUSH YOU! Nah just kidding, we make games. Bad Viking was set up by brothers Rob and John Donkin when they realised how super awesome making games was as a job. Together they have released five games, including the hugely successful Bad Eggs Online.

Feel free to visit our website, become our friend on Facebook or subscribe to us on Twitter for all our latest news and updates.

STORY | The Ninth Realm


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